We see the Joint Cyber Range platform as the best Dutch tool for cybersecurity education, fostering a comprehensive community of students, teachers, and industry, which will secure the digital infrastructure and future of the Netherlands. We see the Joint Cyber Range as a tool for practitioners to collaborate on developing better cybersecurity educational materials. We see the Joint Cyber Range also as a testbed for cybersecurity research.

Intentions and Goals

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    Accessible cybersecurity education for all schools

    Cybersecurity is evolving brutally fast. This makes it really challenging for all schools to keep up with developments. This is true for all schools, from primary education to universities. Only through a joint effort is it possible to provide schools with a comprehensive and quick-to-deploy learning environment. Teachers can select a topic, and access learning material and working labs in a matter of hours.

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    Joining forces in a national platform

    We believe that the only realistic way to create, operate and maintain a high-quality learning platform is through national collaboration. The Joint Cyber Range has already benefited from the efforts of many teachers, administrators, and student teams. Alone we may go faster, but together we go further, wider and deeper.

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    A testbed for cybersecurity research

    Our gamified platform creates many possibilities for conducting learning analytics. Because of the scale of usage, we can analyze in detailed ways how students progress through the learning, and adapt the learning accordingly. We can also pit various approaches to security operations and defense against one another.